Frequently Asked Questions

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Naturally New Zealand™ Food Rolls

+Is it raw?
+Why does it look raw?
+What does pasteurized mean?
+Do you use HPP?
+How should I store Naturally New Zealand food?
+How should I defrost Naturally New Zealand food?
+Once defrosted, how long does it last?
+What if my pet is unable to finish a whole roll?
+Once served, how long can it be left in my pet's bowl?
+ Where are the ingredients sourced from?

About CountryPet Naturals

+Where is CountryPet Naturals made?
+How do you ship frozen food?
+How many portions are in each roll?
+What is the best way to switch to an all CountryPet Naturals diet?
+Are CountryPet Naturals food rolls suitable for all life stages?
+Is CountryPet Naturals all natural?
+Is CountryPet Naturals organic?
+My dog has special dietary restrictions, can I feed him CountryPet Naturals?


+Can I get free shipping?
+Do you have samples available?
+Do you have a breeder's program?