About Us

Our Story  

CountryPet Naturals products have been delighting pets and pet parents since being founded in 1998. From the very beginning, CountryPet Naturals has sold all-natural pet foods produced in New Zealand. We are bringing the best quality, pasture-raised, grass-fed pure and natural protein packed foods to our beloved pets and pet parents. We communicate the goodness and vitality of great pet nutrition to as many pet parents as we can, so they can make great decisions about nutrition for their pets.

Since August 2022, CountryPet Naturals has been owned by Craig Park who was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, less than 10 miles from the production facility producing the foods. He has lived and worked all over the world in the food industry before arriving in the US in 2001. Since 2017, he has called Florida his home, and has been directly involved in the pet food sector since 2014. 

We are passionate about our CountryPet Naturals products. We are delighted to be providing New Zealand origin products not only because of our background and credentials in food nutrition, but purely and simply because we know how phenomenally good the CountryPet Naturals products are for your pets.  

Our Values & Pillars

We have established a loyal following over the ensuing years and our customers are as passionate about great nutrition as we in the company are. Our Company Values and Guiding Principles have 4 “no-compromise” pillars:

  1. Nutritional Quality is crucial for our pets’ health, well-being and vitality
  2. Protein Source and Protein Content are crucial to Nutritional Quality
  3. Natural Products are best for our pets
  4. We proudly Stand Behind Our Products

Our Mission

Delight our Customers Pets with a Range of Natural Pet Foods and Supplements that Provide Vitality and Health  

Our Vision

A World where Pets and their Pet Parents are Happy, Healthy and Vital. 

Our Values

Integrity, Commitment, Health, Vitality and Sustainability   

Our "Why"

Every business has a "Why". Our "Why" means we have the highest quality pet food comprising pure and natural New Zealand protein  

Our "Why" results in customers telling us our products are "Puppy Crack; my senior dog feels and acts like a puppy....!"  and that they will be "Customers for Life".

Our "Why" means We Are Changing the (Pet) World.   

Watch the video below to learn just what is the "Why" of CountryPet Naturals and "Why" it is the best choice for your pet, and you.