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Our Story

CountryPet Naturals is a family owned and operated all natural pet food company. We are all pet owners, and are passionate about ensuring our dogs and cats live long and healthy lives. We created a holistic food for pets that combines all the nutrients they would receive in a wild, with the added benefit of being lightly pasteurized, so it's safer to handle and eliminates the chances of coming in contact with harmful bacteria that can be contained in raw diets.

We were raised on good food- and we're not just talking about taste, but food that's good for you. With a family lineage that extends over 100 years in the meat business, it's only natural that we've come to provide the best quality foods for our four legged companions.

Our mission is to provide our customers with all natural pet foods, from the best quality sources, while implementing humane production practices and exercising sustainability.

CountryPet Naturals is a pet food that meets human grade manufacturing standards. Due to our dietary differences, we don't recommend that you share a meal with your furry friend, but you could if you wanted to! We believe in providing your best friend with the same all natural ingredients that you'd expect on your own plate. Quality foods should still be affordable, and that's why we strive to provide our customers with a product that they deserve- for the right price.

We stand behind the products that we sell, and our pets can testify that they love meal time more than ever. CountryPet Naturals provides our furry family members with the health benefits they need to live the long lives that they deserve. 


Our furry family: Robbie, Matilde and Belle