Our Why

Why CountryPet Naturals? Why is it an important business? Why should you care?

Every business has a 'Why', right? Mega-company Apple has one. And so does CountryPet Naturals!

Based on the best quality New Zealand protein from stock grazing on lush pastures; pure and natural. No antibiotics, no hormones. That is why our pet food is phenomenal. 

Our customers tell us these were "The Best Products No-one Has Heard Of." They tell us our products are "Puppy Crack"; their senior dogs feel and act like puppies again.... !

They tell us they will be "customers for life". They tell us our products are way better than the category's leading brands (even if they've raised $100million in funding and produced a slick Super Bowl ad). Looking forward, we could add value and introduce more pets to the products and change the (pet) world.   

 Watch the video below to learn why CountryPet is the right choice for your pet.