What Our Customers Are Saying

Richard H.

Hi my name is Quigley, I am a miniature Dachshund and I often suffer from a sensitive tummy; I struggle to find treats and food that agree with me. That was until I tried CountryPet Naturals, since then I've had no more complaints... really looking forward to my next treat!

Diane K.

My boys love their meals and are very healthy and we are pleased with your product. As you know we are constantly moving usually to areas that are extremely rural but CountryPet has always been flexible in shipping us our food.

Thank you CountryPet for making it easy to feed our boys well!

Dr. Sarai S.

My Kahuna, a Brittany Spaniel-Collie-St Bernard mix lived 19+ yrs (75+ lbs.) and lived a fulfilling life enjoying CountryPet Naturals.

Brenda W.

My dog had skin issues (shedding) spots and it turns out he had allergies to the foods. I tried every food I thought would help. He refused the food he would not eat anything except chicken which made it worse. This guy refuses all treats! I was so worried. So I decided to try raw food and your CountryPet lamb made the cut. He's doing well now and he eats right away. I haven't tried the treats but I'm sure he will enjoy them in the future. Thank you for saving my best guy from his allergies.

This is Luda Blue he loves your food and I appreciate your product thank you so much you've made him healthy again.

Ryan F.

This is Stella, she likes all the country pet products, but seems to like the venison jerky the best! I like knowing it's not full of preservatives or other chemicals!!!

Jacqueline N.

Before I found CountryPet, I had to beg the local meat guys to grind lamb legs for me! Blitz has food allergies and can only have grain free, limited ingredient food per her vet! You make my life easy and my dogs healthy!

Austin and Blitz - Both 7 year old, Red Tri Australian Shepherds

Deborah G.

I have a 7 year old Labrador/Border Collie mix named Shea. I used give to give her some name-brand treats from the grocery store that I thought she liked... but after trying out CountryPet treats, she turns up her nose to the other ones! You might call her even more of a picky-eater now - THANKS A LOT :) , but i'm glad to know at least she loves a treat that is good for her and not made of who knows what.

Lee B.

My rescue cats Annie and Frankie "sing the song of their people" when it's dinner time! I first switched them to CountryPet a few months ago after having a lot of issues with their digestion. We tried specialty foods, cutting out certain ingredients and had multiple vet visits trying to figure out what was wrong... and of course nothing helped. A friend suggested this food and it has been a godsend! My cats have never been more excited to eat dinner, and most importantly I'm a happy mama because their digestion is back to normal. Absolutely love this food!

Dorian V.

We have a couple of really picky kitties (Kira & Nala). We had thought we tried everything but even the best grain free wet food wouldn't tempt them and they would only take a few bites. However we really wanted to give our pets something better than a standard kibble diet without feeling like we're flushing money down the garbage disposal.

It's so amazing to see how they beg for CountryPet as soon as they hear us take out the dinner bowls; and they devour every last bite! In the three weeks that we've been feeding them Country Pet we've noticed glossier coats and much less shedding as well. This is a really amazing pet food and we recommend it to everyone!