Bringing Home Your New Pet

Bringing Home Your New Pet

When it comes to pets, getting caught up in the moment is easy. You see those big eyes and fluffy paws at the shelter and before you know it, the little guy (or girl) is running laps around your living room. Unfortunately, many pet buyers make this big decision before considering the huge responsibility involved in caring for an animal. Between the training, food, medical expenses, and loads of love, keeping your pet happy and healthy is a full-time job.

So while your spunky new friend is exploring and chewing on their new home, take a look at our list to ensure that they’re the best and happiest pet they can be.



One of the first things you should look into with your new pet is having them properly vaccinated. It’s an unfortunate truth that when it comes to their health, little animals are just as vulnerable as they are adorable. A number of core vaccines will be mandatory, while some others will vary depending on the type of animal and the local state laws. So before you start letting your pet sniff around the yard, make new friends, or lick every inch of your face, it’s important to check in with your local vet to make sure they have everything they need to ensure a healthy start. It’s also wise to visit the vet at least once a year for checkups.



Bringing a pet home is a lot like bringing home a furry new roommate. However cute or friendly they may be initially, living together tends to bring out the bad habits in people (and animals). It’s important to develop a regiment of discipline with your pet early on to instill good habits and behavior. This includes basic commands, getting them used to a kennel, house rules, and of course, potty training. If you’re simply too busy to train your dog at home or lack the confidence to do it yourself, most local communities offer cheap and flexible dog training courses. While it may be difficult for some owners to be firm in the face of “puppy dog” eyes, remember that a little tough love can be exactly what a young pet needs.


Healthy Food with CountryPet Naturals

Now that your pet has been to the vet and signed up for some classes at the local Y, it’s time to find an everyday food that will keep them happy and healthy for the years to come. Unfortunately, many commercial brands of pet food, especially dry, contain a number of filler ingredients. These products will also often use terms that can mislead or confuse consumers. When it comes to the food that goes into your pet’s body, there should be no uncertainty.

This is where CountryPet Naturals stands out from the rest. Our products are made from free range and pasture fed animals from New Zealand and the United States. These quality meats result in a meal that is high in protein, lower in fat and calories, and free of unhealthy fillers. Check out our many options for cats and dogs and experience the CountryPet difference.

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I had been a faithful customer but had problems with the product . Has not been what it was in the past, not consistent. Hopefully the product is better or what it was before all the inconsistency . The dog food should always be the same. Hope all problems have been taken care of, I have been a customer for many years but gave up when the formulas were never the same as they were in the beginning.It was sold in pet stores years ago it has been 17 yrs that I started feeding my dogs Country Pet Naturals. Hope it has returned to the dog food it used to be. I can’t remember when my last order was but was not pleased . I stopped ordering hope I’am not disappointed. Sincerely Marilyn Hopkins


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