Pet Parent Tips + Lloyd the Pug's Allergies Overcome!!

Pet Parent Tips + Lloyd the Pug's Allergies Overcome!!

We absolutely love it when our pet parents talk to us about their pet stories, and how they use the product! Which got me thinking... I'm sure people prepare and serve the food in different ways. So when one of our great pet parents - and hey, you are all great btw - came up with a video showing just how they do it, well we were thrilled to see for ourselves! So here it is... Make sure you see the end when Nova pushes the bowl around the floor trying to find even more food and oil. 

As we know, we can't get dogs to act! Dogs love the CountryPet Naturals food and Cod Liver Oil combined. And for our pet parents adding CountryPet Naturals food with kibble, adding the Cod Liver Oil as well will make the meal even more palatable for your dog. We would love to know how you use the products! @CountryPetNaturals (link below) 

Lloyd the Pug (below) is a beautiful story; how CountryPet Naturals food overcomes his allergies is wonderful and heartwarming. Our food is so clean and natural. Maybe other dogs with allergies will benefit from trying it? Gift their pet parents or introduce a $49 Tasting Pack with the Venison and the Lamb recipes (aka the Lloyd Special) as an early Holiday gift! 

 That's all for this week. Come and join us on Instagram for updated content and of course, great images of our pets! @CountryPetNaturals

 We are here for you,

 Craig & the CountryPet Naturals Team

"Your Pet Is What Its Protein Source Ate"  

Lloyd The Pug Overcomes His Food Allergies

Close up of allergy survivor Lloyd the pug.

Meet Lloyd; a dashing, handsome 8yr young Pug. Who has super serious food allergies. Lloyd is allergic to every pet food apart from CountryPet Naturals Lamb Recipe or CountryPet Naturals Venison Recipe. 6 years ago his pet parents, Ryan and Charlotte found CountryPet Naturals. Our food lessens his allergies by 90%. Since then this is the only food he has eaten. So he has been a customer for 6 years. Terrific stuff. 

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