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"I recently tried the Country Pet Frozen Venison Dog Food Rolls for my 2 mini schnauzers and I am very impressed with the quality of this product. The rolls are made with high-quality ingredients, and REAL venison meat,My dogs have always been picky eaters and trying to find a healthy option has been a challenge, but they absolutely loved the taste of the venison roll and eagerly devoured their meals. The rolls were easy to store in the freezer and simple to prepare by just slicing off a portion.What I really appreciated about this product was how it seemed to improve my dog's overall health and wellbeing. Their coat became shinier, and he had more energy after switching to this diet. It was also great to know that I was providing them with a natural, balanced diet that met all of their nutritional needs.Overall, I would highly recommend the Country Pet Frozen Venison Dog Food Rolls to any pet owner looking for a high-quality, nutritious, and delicious dog food option for their dogs!"

- Amazon Customer

"I was skeptical if Roscoe would eat his food with the oil on it, Now he won't eat his food if the oil is not on it. Very easy to dispense i keep it on the refrigerator door for easy access. I know it doesn't have a odor I haven't try for taste yet. But Roscoe loves it. Never mind what I think"

- Christine Benson

"I am so happy I made this purchase. I have an English mastiff who sheds a good amount and wanted to see if this product would make a difference. IT DID!! My dog doesn’t shed nearly as much, he loves the flavor, and I add 5-6 pumps for him since he’s 130 pounds. Will be buying again."

- Fatima Berrios

"I’ve been raving to all my dog friends about Country Pet, and I will continue to do so. Excuse me now, I need to put in a three case order to your business."

- Jenny

"We really love Country Pet Naturals. I do half dry, half wet in order to make it go further. Both of my dogs coats have improved. The oils are great too, I give them oil for anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning, my one dog has chronic dry skin and ears, after starting the routine his skin improved and inner ear dryness is gone. My other dog has a bad arm and the vet recommended OMEGA to help with anti-inflammatory in the arm. The dogs are excited to get their food everyday and I’m a true believer that better quality feedings save on pet bills."

- Donna L Garson

"Thanks soooo much!! Stella’s two boxes - lamb & venison - arrived at my front door just when I was told it would, and still 100% frozen!! This dog food is wonderful and I thank you for providing it so perfectly!"

"My dog is older and has developed low thyroid. I tried this food to help support his overall health and so far he absolutely loves it! I add warm water and a tbsp of coconut oil with sea kelp and blue green algae and he gobbles it up. His health seems to be improving but it's still too soon to see any major changes."

-  Jonann Schmidbauer

"Very high quality dog food. Easy to store and feed. Not at all messy or smelly. I've tried a lot of them. This is my favorite."

- G Langford

"We switched our special needs pup to this last Fall [from a homemade diet] when his allergies became problematic. We've had great results with the CountryPet - overall his skin & coat improved, he hasn't had any allergy issues and he never, never turns it down. Do read the ingredients - there's no sugar. Just healthy meats and supplements he needs."

- GG