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New Zealand Raw Freeze-Dried Treats: Variety Pack

New Zealand Raw Freeze-Dried Treats: Variety Pack

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Our NEWEST product range: New Zealand Raw Freeze-Dried Treats!

Nutrient-Dense, Single Proteins/Ingredients, Full of Goodness, Natural Nutrition, and Taste.

Free-Range, Grass-Fed, Humanely Raised.

Variety Pack Ships with 3 bags:

  • ONE bag of Venison Trail Mix (2.65oz)
  • ONE bag of Lamb Liver (4oz)
  • ONE bag of Beef Liver (4oz)


  • Raw animal organs. Dogs savor the 100% natural, high nutrient density of New Zealand raw freeze-dried organs
  • Single-protein ingredients you can trust: ethically, sustainably-sourced grass-fed animals from the lush pastures of New Zealand
  • Perfect texture (no crumbs!) from world leading freeze-drying technology
  • Easy-to-pack, delicious, high-reward treat. Perfect for training or snacking with no mess and no cleanup
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Raw Freeze-Dried Treats

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